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Water Damage Repair & Restoration Pros

It is critical to take immediate action if you are dealing with any water damage to your home. Water damage can be caused by a leaking faucet, a broken pipe, a busted sewer, or even by flooding which can be very devastating due to the loss of personal belongings. If you are faced with water damage to your home or place of business, please call on the professionals at Florida Serv Pro we will fix the damage and restore your home.

Mold Remediation & Restoration Company

Mold can infest any area that is damp and has been left unattended; it can grow and spread very quickly. Mold is a fungus that can cause health issues, particularly to people who already suffer from breathing conditions. Mold should be removed immediately from the home before it spreads even further. You must call a professional to do this job; such as the team at Florida Serv Pro who are experienced, and trained to handle moldy situations.

Fire Damage Repair & Restoration Experts

Fire can do significant damage to your property.  An accidental fire in your home can be caused by something as simple as a cigarette; dish towel left too close to the stove in use or an unplugged iron. After the devastating of the fire, you will need help dealing with the smoke, soot, and water and salvaging any of your personal belongings that survived the fire. Call on the professionals at Florida Serv Pro who are trained to deal with fire damage restoration.

Sewer/Toilet Overflow Cleanup & Restoration

Cleaning up a leaking or busted sewer is a filthy job. An untreated sewer that is leaking can cause serious health problems. Sewage problems can occur due to clogged pipes, blocked with grease buildup or even the wrong things being flushed down the toilets over a period. If you discover the foul odor in or around your home, don’t be embarrassed to call the professionals at Florida Serv Pro right away to take care of the problem.

Water & Fire Restoration Service Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County

Florida Serv Pro (powered by Pride Clean Restoration) is a full-service repair and restoration company in Miami that provides comprehensive restoration services for both Residential and Commercial. These restoration services include any damage caused by Water, Flood, Fire, Storm, Sewage, and Mold emergencies. Florida Serv Pro is one of the best team you can rely on in case of an emergency. Our professional team can handle any crisis twenty-four hours on a daily basis, seven days per week at unbeatable costs.

Whether you faced with water damage by a leaking faucet, or one that is more devastating, caused by flooding, we can fix it. We have an excellent group of professionals at Florida Serv Pro who takes pride in our work. Although our team members are all fully certified, we are always involved in courses to keep abreast of all changes to and new techniques in our trade. We make every effort to achieve customer satisfaction so within minutes of receiving an emergency call we will have a technical dispatched to your property to take care of the problem. If you are faced with any of these crises mentioned above, call Florida Serv Pro immediately at (877) 774-3383, and we will send you a team of restoration professionals. They will deal with the damage and restore your property to its pre-existing condition if not better.