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Restoration Service For Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach


Any kind of water damage in your home, whether caused by natural disaster of a broken pipe, can be extremely disruptive and even cause chaos in your life. If you have water damage in your home you can be displaced for a short time during repair and restoration. Often, water damage can ruin family valuables, some that cannot be repaired or replaced. In either event, the cost to recover, repair and restore can add up so it should be managed carefully.

Water damage surpasses the obvious; wet carpet smell, soaked wood would warp, leather items might shrink and if things aren’t dried properly, the damp odor. You can experience these and more so it’s best to hire the professionals who are trained to take care of these details. The technicians at Pride Clean Restoration will assess the entire damage and; evaluate documents, artwork, furniture and appliances and return all of your personal belongings back to pre-water damage condition wherever possible.


A fire is catastrophic; and the damage is causes can be devastating.  It can be cause by countless accidental factors such as a lit cigarette, curling irons, and dish towels left near the lit stove top. However, accident or not, it is possible for a fire to destroy all your possessions you have worked hard to acquire including mementos that might be impossible to replace. Fires are the second leading cause of accidental death in the home. Nevertheless, when a fire occurs and there is severe fire damage, like smoke, soot and water log items, having a qualified damage restoration team at your service will quickly reduce any long-term damage and risks in general.

​The technicians at Pride Clean Restoration cannot undo the emotional trauma suffered by the loss of a devastating fire. We will try our best to help you retrieve and restore possessions; but this is not always possible. They are very sympathetic to your inconvenience of having to find other accommodations. Fire damage restoration is about more than just restoring the condition of your home; it’s about safety. Yes, you can make cosmetic changes such as repainting, but often, with fire damage, the structure of the house or building is severely destroyed. There is a lot of char, soot, dust, smoke and other things that can be harmful to the health and well-being of present and future occupants.


After a fire, the occupants are anxious to clean their house. They see the damage done by the fire, the blackened walls, the burned furniture, and all the apparent visible destruction that a fire can cause. But many people don’t consider the damage done by the smoke. Although fires are the number one cause of accidental death in homes across America, it is no the fire the kills, but inhalation of the smoke. Thus, it is the one thing that remains in the walls, ceiling and floors of the building, causing the most potential damage later on.

Although you can quite simply address the superficial problems related to smoke and fire damage, you must have professional smoke damage restoration services to solve all likely problems. Yes, new paint and new furniture may make the home look nice, but it’s only a bandage on a bigger potential problem. Will you use a Band-Aid on a broken limb? NO, so you should not do so with a home ravaged by fire; you must have a proper smoke damage restoration.


Moisture allows mold to build up in your home. You must practice moisture control to avoid mold from growing and spreading. Leaks left unattended, causes damp spots where mold can grow; but sometimes we don’t even know that there is a leak. Often, when there is significant water damage, the service technician will immediately address mold removal and remediation. Mold removal must be addressed within 24-48 hours of it being discovered.

Yes, the idea for some is to save money. We don’t like the idea of spending more money on a service that just doesn’t seem to be pertinent. But mold removal and remediation is vital in any water or flood disaster cleanup. Mold can cause serious health problems; it produces allergens, irritants, and even potentially toxic substances called mycotoxins which can cause at the very least sneezing, runny nose, and rash. But for those with asthma, the breathing problems can be far more severe, and eventually, these spores can cause serious long-term effects and even long-term disease, especially in children.


Water supply can be contaminated by sewage backup. This is a hazard and must be treated as an emergency. You should call a professional Sewage Cleanup and Restoration Company – like Florida Serv Pro – if you believe that you have a Sewer backup or a leak. You can certainly tell you have a sewer problem when you notice the foul smell that just will not go away. You will want to take care of this embarrassing situation right away; you won’t want to have an awkward moment with your neighbors when they ask about the odor. More importantly, you don’t want to put you and your family at risk by being exposed to bacteria and possible viruses.