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Mold Remediation and Restoration

How do you get mold in your home? Mold thrives on moisture so you must exercise moisture control to avoid mold in your homes. Usually they are found near leaks, but sometimes we don’t even know there is a leak. Usually, when there is significant water damage, the technician will automatically address mold removal and remediation. It should be done within 24-48 hours.

What are the risks of mold?

Yes, the notion for homeowners is to save money. We prefer not to spend excessive funds a service that does not seem important. However mold and remediation is crucial in any water or flood disaster cleanup. Molds can produce allergens, irritants, and even potentially toxic substances called mycotoxins which can cause health problems, at the very least sneezing, runny nose, and rash. However, those who suffer with asthma, the breathing problems can be far more severe, and over time, these spores can actually cause serious long-term effects and even long-term disease, especially in children.


Mold is a problematical thing. It grows in a short space of time, unnoticed; until you begin to get the odor in your home of happen to notice evidence of it. If you have a recurring problem of leaks in your home should have the mold count in the air measured. Contact a professional mold removal and remediation company like Florida Serv Pro and they will take the steps and necessary precautions to remove mold, eliminate the cause, and determine what it takes to prevent future problems.

If you are new to the house, want to cover all of your bases, have noticed a leak, or you have suffered flood damage or otherwise something that may cause mold, we provide the best mold removal & remediation services in the business. We use drug tested, qualified professionals trained to give you the best customer service and the best mold removal & remediation services available at an affordable price.