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Best Sewage Cleanup and Restoration Company

Sewage spills happen more frequently that one might think. The constant filthy smell in your backyard or inside the home will not be pleasant. Frankly speaking, no one want to deal with the embarrassment of having their neighbors come over to their home asking about the foul odor, or complaining to the authorities. That can be awkward; to prevent this unfortunate occurrence, you must know what causes them in the first place.​

What can cause sewage damage?

Sewage spills around the home are usually caused by clogged pipes that become blocked by grease, tree roots growing through the lines, or in overloaded capacity because of what are being flushing down the toilet. Usually, these matters just lead to a clogged toilet. However, in some cases it can lead to serious sewage problems. Apart from that, municipal spills are usually caused by flooding in the lines and other complications that you cannot really control. Lets focus on sewage spills in the vicinity of the home.


Sewage cleaning is nothing that should be taken on by an amateur by any means. A professional will provide you with comprehensive sewage cleaning and restoration that will address the cause, the odor, and various other problems.

​It will depend on the individual situation. But there are many cases in which sewage cleaning alone can be fitting, and the leak can be repaired quite easily. Sewage cleaning can be done when the leak is small. In that case, the area of damage will need to be effectively sanitized to prevent microbial and otherwise bacterial buildup. Over time, these bacteria can lead to water pollution that could result in giardia, hepatitis A, and tetanus among other things. Therefore, if you don’t hire a professional sewage cleaning service you will be dealing with more than a bathroom stench, you are putting your family’s health at risk.

However, with more severe sewage damage, you will obviously have to obtain greater sewage restoration. Thorough sewage restoration will unclog and revamp your pipes, replacing them if necessary. This should be performed as quickly and efficiently as possible to prevent microbial and bacterial buildup as well as long term damage to the flooring and area around the leak in general. You will need powerful antibacterial and other cleansing items that you will find only with sewage cleaning and restoration professionals.

Florida Serv Pro prides itself in helping you to obtain the best sewage cleaning and restoration services. We have all of the best cleaning materials as well as qualified professionals who can accurately assess every case and give you an expert opinion with a low and reasonable price. Check out our services and options today.